I have known Robin Cowan for approximately 15 years and have been involved in several real estate purchases and sales with him.    I value his experience, knowledge, perseverance, humour and common sense approach to the market.    In addition, he maintains a great sense of not hesitating to move ahead quickly when required. I value his overall expertise which has only been improved with the addition of Brian to the team.    I will continue to recommend both Robin and Brian as your ‘go to’ team for real estate transactions

Thank you for all your hard work!  I must say the pictures you take and the brochures you hand out are top notch and very well done Brian's feature sheets could win a first place award - he really does an outstanding job!!  it is easy to make a decision whether or not you like a property without investing time into physically looking. (In the busy world we live in this information is gold) .. Jodie Filewych

I have had the pleasure of doing buisness with Robin twice now in the past 4 years. He is great to deal with. Robin is very respectful and goes to great lengths to meet your needs. He also has great connections and they as well are great people to deal with. I would definately highly reccomend Robin and if we were ever to move again he would be the first for us to call!!   ..Amanda Derksen

“We enlisted the services of Robin and Brian Cowan to sell our home with limited expectations as we knew it would be a tough sell. However, come beginning of July thanks to their tireless efforts, Robin and Brian not only found us a buyer, but also negotiated a purchase price that exceeded our desired goal! Although Robin was at the forefront, enough cannot be said about Brian’s tremendous behind the scenes work getting our property marketed to the masses. If you’re looking for an edge to get your home sold fast, then look no further.” ..Dillon Roseneau 

“I noticed Robins name on a house listing I was interested in. When I called, it was around 7 or 8 pm, Robin answered immediately. Unfortunately the house I was calling about was no longer on the market. However, Robin invited me over to his office that evening to look at other homes that I might be interested in, with no expectation of commitment on my part to use Robin as a realtor.  After reviewing quite a number of homes, we kept coming back to one certain house that met all of my requirements, with the exception of the price. This is where Robin really went to work. Robin set up a viewing of the house, and worked hard to bring the price down to my budget. In the negotiating process, Robin brought the price down to below what I was willing to spend, and also negotiated valuable items within the house into the deal. Robin took it one step further. When discussing mortgages and interest rates, Robin set me up with a mortgage specialist who obtained a rate far better than any I had been previously offered.    I have bought and sold houses before and I have never had such a great experience. Robin worked hard for me to put me in the house that best suited my needs at the best price possible. He was extremely knowledgeable about the market conditions and neighborhood.   I would definitely recommend Robin to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Medicine Hat". ..Craig Neufeld